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Boycott Hewlett Packard Stall in Kingston

29th November 2014 saw the launch of a local campaign to boycott Hewlett Packard.  We set up a stall in Kingston town centre and gave out over 1000 leaflets to passing shoppers.  The day went well with many people stopping by the stall and taking leaflets or leaving their contact details for further events.  Many were surprised to learn how HP systems facilitate the oppression of Palestinians.  Further details of this can be found at: 

The event was also covered by the local Surrey Comet: 

All in all, an excellent start to the campaign. 

Reading of the Names of the Dead Children of Gaza

One of the inhumanities of the attack on Gaza has been the reduction of individual human beings to casualty statistics.  We wanted to counter that inhumanity by giving names to the victims of Israeli aggression, particularly the children.  So at  Richmond town centre on 16 August and Kingston town centre on 9 September, we held brief acts of remembrance where we read out the names of some 327 children murdered by the Israelis.  You can see some videos of the events here:

Vigil for Gaza (short version) (Richmond) - 

Vigil for Gaza (long version) (Richmond) -

The services consisted of a short statement from Jenny Tonge (Baroness Tonge of Kew) followed by a reading of Michael Rosen's poem Don't Name the Dead Children* by John Altman, followed by the reading of the names.  At the end Richmond & Kingston Chairman Ben Jamal made a brief statement about why we were doing this and why such activism must continue until the brutal Israeli Occupation is ended.

Both services were well received by the public with many coming forward to make donations.

*For those of you who would like to read Michael Rosen's poem and discover the reason why he wrote it, please see here:

Monday 7th April 2014 at 7 pm

As usual, the flyer says it all ...

All Saints Church

 How can we find a just and lasting peace

between Israelis and Palestinians?


The Bereaved Families Forum,

the Palestine Solidarity Campaign

and Rabbi Danny Rich

debate ways to end the conflict.


Thursday, 7th November @ 7pm

 All Saints Church, Market Place, Kingston

All welcome

Ham Fair 2013 Report

Ham Fair is one of our regular fixtures on the fair calendar.  Expertly organised by the Ham fair committee, the fair seems to grow in popularity year on year.  Our stall was not quite so well located as in previous years but despite that we still managed to sell over £400 worth of Palestinian produce.  We also had a good time giving out literature and taking to the fair goers including one ex-parachute regiment soldier who served in Palestine during the mandate period.  Once again we received strong support from the local community.  Another great day campaigning!



Richmond May Fair 2013 Report

For the second year running we were banned from May Fair.  So not to be outdone we set up a stall across the road from the fair on the large area of pavement outside The Prince’s Head pub.  This proved to be a great location with many fair goers stopping to talk to us, buy oil and sign our petitions.  A number of fair goers expressed their anger at the May Fair committee for our exclusion from the fair and hoped for our return next year.  Baroness Tonge came along in the morning to give us her support and pass on a splendid large banner on the theme of Disappearing Palestine.  Later a photographer from the Richmond & Twickenham Times came to photograph the stall.  As with last year, we had a very successful day with strong support from the local community.

Hope to see you there.

Webmaster Joe.

Branch Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 15 January at 7pm at

The Twickenham Club, 7 Church Street, Twickenham TW1 3NJ

Open to members and supporters of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

At it we will be reviewing the past year, electing the branch officers of chair, treasurer and secretary and planning for the year ahead.  In addition to the formal business of the AGM, there will be time for socialising and listening to some members who have recently returned from Palestine.  As in previous years we are encouraging everyone to bring along a little food to share e.g. salad, dips, etc.

Hope to see you there.


Life under Occupation - Israeli occupation that is.

Once again the flyer says it all ...

Hope to see you there.

Webmaster Joe

Also, if you want to email us, you now can at: richkingpsc at 

May Fair Update (17 May 2012)

As you may be aware from the Richmond & Twickenham Times (letters 4 May & 11 May), we have been banned from the Richmond May Fair following  a complaint by three unnamed people at last year's (2011) fair.  Despite repeated approaches to the May Fair committee they have refused to reconsider their decision.  In the light of this we put up at street stall across from the fair which was warmly received.  Below is our chairman's report for the day.

May Fair Report
We had an extremely successful day.  Jenny Tonge did an hour and a half stint with us from 11 am and we had a Richmond and Twickenham Times photographer taking pictures.  These should be in this week's addition (18 May).  We ended up running the stall until 5 pm.  We had a fantastic pitch on the big patch of pavement outside The Cricketers and The Prince's Head  which caught the flow of traffic to and from the Fair and was in a big enough area that no one could accuse us of blocking the highway.  No hassle from any official all day.  Most importantly, we received a fantastic response from the public and about 150 people signed our petition to the May Fair committee asking them to rescind the ban.  

Several clear themes emerged through the day:
· Lots of people who had read about it in the press and were outraged.  At least one has written to council leader demanding action; others who said they would write to papers – lots of people saying they were hoping we would be there so they could register support.
· A sizeable number who stopped by assumed we were running our normal stall and asking where's the oil and why are you here and not in normal spot.  All were universally outraged when we told them about the ban.
· Quite a few who said they had made a point of coming over because they had been informed by people at the fair what was happening or had overheard others discussing it! 

Lots of engagement on the wider campaign issues.  The Disappearing Palestine banner, as usual, was a really good draw.  We left with the strong impression that the banning has drawn people's attention to some of the wider issues – ie why is this cause being banned...

All in all, a very successful event.

The world's news media is always searching for the newest, latest, events. In doing so, they often overlook the continuing injustices taking place on a daily basis. Well, it's not NEWS, is it? One such injustice is the ongoing process of ethnic cleansing taking place in the Jordan Valley. Here, using the standard Israeli recipe of sham legality, threatened and actual violence, settled Palestinian communities are being driven off their legally held land day in and day out. However, some courageous individuals and communities are coming together to resist these injustices with non-violent tactics. One organisation at the forefront of this action is Jordan Valley Solidarity. Come along to our next public meeting on Wednesday 22 February 2012 at the Irish Cultural Centre at Hammersmith Broadway where you will hear two speakers from Jordan Valley Solidarity talk about what is happening, what they are doing and how you can help.

This promises to be one of our most interesting meetings.

Hope to see you there.
Webmaster Joe

You can find out more about Jordan Valley Solidarity at: but here is a quick resume.

Jordan Valley Solidarity campaign is a network of Palestinian grassroots community groups from all over the Jordan Valley and international supporters. Our aims are to protect Palestinian existence and the unique environment of the Jordan Valley by building international support and supporting communities on the ground.
This includes monitoring, recording and aiming to prevent the abuse of Palestinian human rights by the Israeli occupation and settlers.

The situation in the Jordan Valley is very serious. The Israeli military occupation since 1967 has been attempting to gradually annex the area (which is 28% of the occupied West Bank). Comments made by Netanyahu in March 2010, and previously by Olmert, have left us in no doubt about their intentions. On the ground they are seeking to control more and more of the Jordan Valley by expanding their illegal Israeli colonies and trying to drive Palestinians from their land through house demolitions, movement restrictions, curfews, arbitrary arrest and detention, land confiscations, denial of access to water, electricity, health and education.

In 2003, several community members in the Jordan Valley came together to try to build a community-based campaign to defend the indigenous community's presence. Today, the campaign continues to grow, and has spread to all of the Palestinian communities in the Valley. As a grassroots campaign we rely enitrely on community members volunteering their time and energy, and support from individuals and organisations that support our aims and activities. We have no budget to speak of, or any sources of funding, except in the rare cases that a person or an institution comes forward willing to fund a project that the campaign has undertaken. Since its inception, the campaign has been open to working with any individual or organization that shares its political analysis of the problem facing the Palestinians of the Jordan Valley and shares the commitment to maintain and strengthen Palestinian presence in the Valley.

About our campaign

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign exists to build a mass solidarity movement on Palestine. It is founded on principles of justice, human rights, and opposition to all forms of racism. Any expression of racism or intolerance, or attempts to deny or minimise the Holocaust have no place in our movement. Such sentiments are abhorrent in their own right and can only detract from the building of a strong movement in support of the fundamental rights of the Palestinian people. We welcome all those who share our aims to join PSC.
Our campaign is a positive one, working to ensure the freedoms enjoyed by people throughout the world are not denied to the people of Palestine. We seek to build a movement where all those who are in support of our core demands can take part. Join us, and let us create a world free of occupation, free of racism and where the human rights of all are protected.

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